Slug umbrella

I apologise in advance if you’ve stumbled across this page. I warn you that this is a page of wallowing in self pity and it won’t be pretty. Leave now.

Still here?

Really…just go.

So, here it is.

If you’re on this page, you probably read some of the other crap on here and if you reached the Scary Place, you’ll have a good idea where this is coming from.

I don’t have the highest self esteem in the first place but at least I get by knowing the insignificant contributions I make are occasionally appreciated.

But what happens when those menial acts become even more limited? What exactly do I have to offer? For want of a better term: Squat diddly.

I don’t want you to try and understand, or to judge or even to comment. You weren’t actually invited, remember the warnings at the start?

Anyway, time to find my place among the ashes (kudos to Evanescence for that one). Of it continues to rain, I can always use this slug as a brolly.

Keep smiling…

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